Welcome to The #GetMyDucksInARow Contest!

Meet Carol. She's always got qualified buyers visiting at the wrong time.

Meet Rick. He's in "the business".

Meet Nikki. She's the secretary.

Meet Jackson. He's the limo driver.

Meet Vanessa. She's David and Ashley's agent. And she still has faith.

Meet Leo. He's a film producer. In the business for decades.

Meet Burke. He's a film producer. And if you liked it, it was probably his.

Meet Jessica. She's a film producer. And she's very powerful.

Meet David. He's a writer trying to sell a script. He wants to get his ducks in a row before starting a family with Ashley.

Meet Ashley. She's a writer trying to sell a script. She wants to marry David and have a baby already.

We’re hiding David, Ashley and their friends across 10 social media profiles we set up just for this contest. Help find them and you could win fabolous prizes.

By social media profiles, we mean profiles like the kind you're able to register a profile to share photos, videos, books, and reviews. (Read Wikipedia's definition).

Found Ducks Gallery
(Feb 8)
(Feb 15)
(Feb 22)
(Mar 1)
(Mar 8)
(Mar 15)
(Mar 22)
(Mar 29)
(Apr 5)
(Apr 12)


We're currently hidding Carol, Rick, Nikki, Jackson, Vanessa, Leo, Burke, Jessica, David and Ashley.

To help you and your friends find our duckies, we'll be updating our Twitter and Facebook fanpage regularly with clues that will guide the most clever of you to the profile where our duckies are hidden. But be careful, none of the duckies will be hidden on any Facebook or Twitter profiles, nor our sponsors' sites.

After you find each rubber duck in the set, here's what you do:

1) "Friend", "Follow", or "Like" the profile you found it on. (May require you to register to that site.)

2) Then grab the link to that profile from your web browser's address bar where you found the rubber ducky and post it on our Facebook fanpage Wall along with our hashtag "#getmyducksinarow". (Will require you to "Like" our fanpage in order to post.)

That's it! That’s all you and your friends need to do to be eligible to win your choice of one of the fabulous prizes below.

-Swatch book or mini makeup kit from Hollywood’s Guru of Hue, Jill Kirsh Color. A $50 value!

-$50 gift certificates from the foremost online fashion resource for the latest in comfort, style, and low environmental impact, Juno and Jove, the place for the fashionably conscious.

-Specially selected bottle of Chardonnay or Cabernet from our favorite, Dave the Wine Merchant.

-$20 gift certificates from NYC's "sexiest", most "sleek and stylish" little-burger establishment, Pop Burger.

-Signed copy of heralded new book, "Riding the Alligator", with tips on how to write a better screenplay by renowned screenwriter, producer, director Pen Densham.

-$25 gift certificates plus your choice of either two Duck Pops (contains alcohol, so you gotta be 21 to get this prize) or ice cream sandwiches from fab food restaurant Ducks Eatery, inside SPiN (bar/ping-pong club) and co-owned by Susan Sarandon.

-Your choice of a scent from The Timothy Corrigan Signature Candle Collection, a $45 value!

-Signed cookbook, "The Substitute Yourself Skinny Cookbook: Cut the Calories, Keep the Flavor with Hundreds of Simple Substitutions!", by Susan Irby The Bikini Chef.

-Professional reading of your screenplay or playscript by your choice of either 2 film producers or 2 Broadway producers.

We want to thank some early participants for their feedback in helping us clarify our contest instructions. Keep it comin'! Please Tweet your Questions about the contest to @DesperateWrite or post them our Facebook fanpage.

We've got 100 prizes for 100 winners, and we're giving everything away while supplies last. All eligible winners must pick up their prize at predetermined location, to be announced on this site, our Facebook fanpage and our Twitter. Visit here for contest rules, terms, and conditions.



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