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Desperate Writers: Review

Posted on June 16, 2011

I absolutely love New York City. The culture, the art, the buildings, the crowds, the lifestyles, the hustle, the flow, and everything else (except muggings, those will bring you down). One major thing about the good ‘ol NY is the tremendous amount of plays. As a guy, the idea of going to see a play just turns me off. Immediately I think, “is there at least a bar nearby?” However, because you must give things a try, I went to see an Off-Broadway play and lo and behold I found myself laughing and engaged in the performances (and I only had one beer!).

So, if you are taking a trip to New York City, bored of the same lame bar you go to every week, or just looking for something fun to do then here is an idea: go see a play. Not just any old play; go see the funny Off-Broadway play Desperate Writers.

Desperate Writers, by Joshua Grenrock and Catherine Schreiber, is full of laughs and some great performances. There was not a moment where I felt lost. The actors held my attention and at times I felt like I was part of the story.

Desperate Writers is about a couple, Ashley and David, that are struggling to sell their first script all while they each hold side jobs to pay the bills. “Pass.. no.. pass..,” they keep hearing and they are fed up (which, if you ever wrote something that someone just tore apart in two seconds like it was nothing, you have sympathy). Ashley wants to get married and have a baby but David just wants to get his ducks in order first. Selling a script would mean getting those ducks in order and having the lovely lives they so dream of.

After getting the idea from a friend, Ashley kidnaps three top producers (one played very well by Schreiber) to force them to read one of their scripts. David, scared about the whole thing, goes through the script with enthusiasm. At some point I believe I am part of the story and this is all real. Now that is what I call a performance!

In the end, the theme of “love prevails” is flashing before my eyes and I can’t help but smile. Am I lame? No, I just enjoyed a play, and yes I survived, in fact I would go see it again. So grab some friends (and maybe a couple of drinks) and head to the Union Square Theater to see Desperate Writers. Oh and please, don’t forget to bring your sense of humor, because you don’t want to be the only one not laughing.


For Tickets: http://bit.ly/fqUNaK