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Desperate Writers Cast Holds Opening Night Bash (photos)

By Iris Wiener, June 14th, 2011

Maddie Corman (Next Fall) and Jim Stanek (The Story of My Life, Lestat) star in Desperate Writers, a new comedy about a couple facing the hardships of selling their work in Hollywood. The play jabs at the film industry against a farcical backdrop.

The baby clock is ticking, and their home is about to be sold out from under them, so they must find a way to get their script read and bought, pronto.

The play is directed by Kay Cole, and written by Joshua Grenrock and Catherine Schreiber.

It and also stars Bob Ari, Angel Desai, Christopher Durham, Kelsey Nash, Susan Louise O’Connor (Blithe Spirit), Vayu O’Donnell, Catherine Schreiber and Pauletta Washington.

The play centers on writers David and Ashley, who have tried for years to sell a script. They make ends meet with her waitressing job and his pet-photography business.

In a fit of desperation, David and Ashley kidnap three top Hollywood producers (Schreiber, Durham, and Ari) and hold them hostage until they listen to one of their pitches.

The Improper was on hand to celebrate opening night with the Desperate Writers cast and their friends at Angelo & Maxie’s Steakhouse. Check out the party photos below: