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Carnegie Hill Productions and James Spry present


Ashley and David are screenwriters. Ashley and David are in love. Like most artists, Ashley and David have “day jobs” to bring in the money. But, Ashley just got fired from her catering job and David can’t get enough photo shoots. To make matters worse, they are about to lose their home. Still, Ashley is dreaming of getting married. David doesn’t want to get married until they sell a script. He wants his life in order, “all his ducks in a row.” But, Ashley’s clock is ticking, LOUDLY. They have a script they believe in, a wonderful romantic comedy. With their agent’s help, they do the rounds. But, rejection follows rejection. What producers are looking for one week is obsolete the next. Finally, it looks like their dreams may come true. Promises are made. But, then they find out one more executive needs to read the script. David is optimistic, but Ashley knows that doesn’t sound good. It isn’t. The executive reads ten pages and then it’s a gut thing. He passes and Ashley SNAPS. Desperate times call for desperate measures. She will do whatever it takes to get their script read. In a crazy, madcap adventure that hurtles toward a rollicking finish, Ashley makes sure the producers hear their screenplay. With kooky characters making entrances and exits, a producer left for dead on the toilet, Ashley and David accomplish their goal. Will they end up in jail or with their ultimate dream ...a bidding war?

Desperate Writers, an 80-minute laugh-out-loud riot,

will have scenic design by Lauren Helpern;

costume design by Stephen Donovan;

and lighting design by Jeremy Pivnick. 

It is presented by Carnegie Hill Productions and James Spry.

Desperate Writers had its world premiere

at Edgemar Theater (Santa Monica, California) in 2008.

Written by 
Joshua Grenrock and Catherine Schreiber

Directed by 
Kay Cole

Maddie Corman and Jim Stanek 
Stephen Berger, Angel Desai, Christopher Durham, Kelsey Nash, Susan Louise O’Connor, Vayu O’Donnell, Catherine Schreiber 
also starring 
Pauletta Washington

                                                    Scenic Design            Costume Design                Lighting Design                Sound Design
                                                   Lauren Helpern          Stephen Donovan               Jeremy Pivnick             Michael Eisenberg

                                        Production Supervisor                        Music Supervisor & Composer                    Production Stage Manager
                                                      Production Core                                                Stephen Zinnato                                      Bernita Robinson

                                            General Press Representative                 Advertising/Marketing                              Casting by        
                                                    Richard Kornberg                                 The Pekoe Group                               Binder Casting
                                                         & Associates                                                                                     Jay Binder/ Jack Bowdan                           

                                                                                   General Manager                                  Executive Producer
                                                                                       Tom Smedes                                              Lynn Shaw




Monday - Tuesday 7pm; Wednesday – Saturday at 8pm;

Wednesday and Saturday at 3pm.

Dark Sundays.


For more information about 
bringing this show to your theatre,
Please email us at